Expert's Unavailability:

When this case happens where an expert is not available for you help and you paid the full amount for assignment then you can order the new assignment of same price. Between this period, the full amount paid by you then you will get 10GBP additional bonus.

When the Deadline is Missed:

When you give work to us then you will get an assigned writer. If your assigned writer is unable to help you complete your assignment at a given time then you can make a complaint regarding refund, which will be solved by our customer support team. If your information is not correct regarding the assignment and lack of information provided by you then we will be unable to do full or partial refund request.
In case you do not get help for your assignment within the given deadline by us because of our expert's inability then you will get 100% refund of your order. The amount can be used for the new assignment or can be transferred to your account. However, we will take straight action against the writer for the delay. The decision of our customer support team will be authentic and will be taken after analyzing the whole problem.

Failed Grades on Work:

If you get a fail grade in your assignment then you will have to submit the feedback report within 60 days of your assignment received then you will able to get your refund. In this case, we will check your feedback report and investigate if the cause is due to the low writing quality or any other reason. We firmly suggest our clients take the feedback on the work from the tutor before going for the final submission in order to improve the grades. If any mistake is found in the writer's work, then we will process a 50-100% refund in your account. The final decision will be taken by our customer support team. Please note that any refund request will be valid only between 60 days of receiving your assignment

Money-Back Guarantee:

Money-Back Guarantee request can be processed if you fail in the assignment. You will have to submit your original fail report which is investigated by our customer support team. The last decision on Money Back totally depends on our customer support team.
Case Scenarios Where Refund requests will not be processed:
When your partial payment is due for the assignment.
If you submit your feedback report after 60 days when you got your assignment.
The assignment submission deadline is less than 72 hours.
Refund will not be possible if you regulate the deadline within 3 days of delivering of the work.
We are only responsible for refund in the case where a student is active in communication with our expert and make us avail all the essential information which is usable for the assignment.
The refund request will be considered only when the student gives the feedback report on company mail not on any platform.

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