Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

The purpose of taking the information such as the name, email address, contact number etc to update you about the assignment and contact you in future for any help or any query. We are objected to keep the student's information confidential be it personal, financial or any other. We request our user or visitors to read the policies which are mentioned here before he /she accesses the services for Assignnment In Need. We know that the students share the information with a trust and we respect their trust. The information we get from the clients is safe and is not shared with any third party. We ask the personal information for some purposes which are given below

  • To aware you about the changes.
  • To inform you about any additional discount.
  • To be in contact with you.
  • To instant response to any of your concern.
  • To save the record of students we have served.

Our company uses high technology and software to secure our client's confidential details. We follow internet ethics and respect the personal privacy. We never convey the data to any third party for any benefit.