Reflective Report
August 4, 2022


The digitalization process requires appropriate applications of web development tools and web applications. In this project, the adequate techniques for mitigating web application-related issues and also the implemented processes would be specified and evaluated. Proper client-server tools would be applied for the development of this web application. The associated scenarios of these web deployment processes would be considered and assessed for the adequate development of the web application or website. Appropriate software and programming languages like HTML and CSS would be used for the proper and effective development of that website. A proper framework for that website would be provided for performing the necessary operations correctly by that website.

Aims and Objectives

Aim of the Project

The main aim of the project is to develop an adequate web application or website to conduct the different academic functions of an educational institute smoothly. That website should have a proper “key violation error” detecting process to direct the exams of that institute for their students accurately.


  • To develop an adequate web application or website to conduct the different academic functions of an educational institute without any obstruction.
  • To implement a proper “key violation error” detecting process to direct the exams of that institute for their students accurately.
  • To develop and implement an adequate framework for that website by using proper programming languages like HTML and CSS.
  • To discuss and explain the improvisation process of that website.
  • To specify and evaluate the functional and non-functional requirements of the website.

Part 1

Proper software applications have been developed for the removal of the “key violation error” of that website. CSS and HTML have been used for the detection of these errors and necessary modifications of the structural framework of that website

Figure 1: Login page

(Source: Self-created)

An accurate one-time entry process with username and password protection has been created for that website. This will resolve the issues associated with the “key violation error”.

Part 2

Use of the ASP. Net framework

The website and its different functions could be established with the proper utilization of the ASP.Net framework. This is an appropriate framework for building excellent websites. In this framework, different programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript could be used as per the requirements. The Web APIs could also be created for using “real-time technologies” properly. There is also ASP.Net Core which is an alternative to the ASP.Net framework. This generally offers multiple frameworks for creating effective web applications (Lwakatareet al. 2019). Usually, three frameworks are enough for providing maturity and stability for the structure of these web applications. There would be certain benefits to choosing the framework of ASP.Net. There would be a certain development style for each of these frameworks of ASP.Net. The combination of the programming assets for building skills, knowledge, and experience for development would be essential. The approach for the development of this web application should be comfortable enough for fulfilling these necessary functions of that website. Adequate website tools should also be applied for the proper development and programming processes. Appropriate libraries should be used for developing control over the markup of encapsulated HTML. For single-page application development, this framework would be efficient and adequate.

Improvisation process of the Website

Adequate processes of development and improvisation of this website have been selected for this project. The “Hypertext Markup Language” (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have been used for this web page development process. These are two of the “core technologies” for the creation of web pages. The structure of these pages could be provided by HTML, and aural and visual layouts could be provided by CSS for various devices. There would be an adequate use of scripting and graphs for creating better displays for the website. The basic structure and layout for a website could be properly developed with the effective use of these web development tools. The structure of the page could also be properly described and modified with the suitable applications of HTML. Various online information can be retrieved through hypertext links. Various spread-sheets, sound clips, and even video clips can be included on that website (Petrakiset al.2018). Other applications and various documents can also be directly added to that web page as per the requirements. The presentations of that web page could be described and modified properly with the adequate application of CSS. The display or presentation of that website including layout, colors, and fonts could be selected and customized with the proper applications of CSS. Different environments for the website can be created with the implementation of these suitable “web development tools” and frameworks. These fonts and formats of that website would be an industry-supported and open format for these development processes.

Functional and non-functional requirements

The functional and non-functional requirements of this website have been identified and assessed to fulfil these requirements. These requirements are dependent on the necessary operations of that website.


Among the functional requirements, there should be genuine published documents with text, headings, photos, lists, etc. the web page should be providing all the necessary online information through hypertext links. The structural framework of that website should not be confusing or complicated. Simple and effective structures should be designed for the conduction of necessary website operations. There would be effective and secure frameworks for the conduction of certain academic procedures including online exams (Chenet al. 2018). Adequate elements would be applied to design this website. Proper approaches to this application have been established for developing necessary management processes for different academic activities.

Figure 2: Feedback page

(Source: Self-created)

There should be the implementation of adequate content for the evolution of that web page. The maintenance of these sites could also be possible with the effective use of these CSS tools for website development. The necessary style sheets could be selected and established across the pages of that website. Different environments with functionalities should be established with the proper applications of CSS. A properly operating system also needs to be installed for that website by the development of effective and adequate WebFonts.

Figure 3: The result page

(Source: Self-created)

There are also various non-functional requirements for that website, which are essential to be specified and evaluated for the improvement of the website’s performance. There should be proper security aspects available for that website (McGuinness & Higgins, 2021). For that necessary technical and strategic measures should be taken for the proper integration of these security aspects of that website.

Figure 4: Navigation page

(Source: Self-created)

There should also be appropriate maintenance for these developed structural frameworks for that web page. Regular run tests should be conducted for the proper maintenance of this website.

Figure 5: Form page

(Source: Self-created)

The performance of that website should be on top notch for providing uninterrupted serviceability for the users (Wibawaet al. 2018). The associated bugs and functional errors also need to be detected and removed for the integration of that website.


Figure 6: details page

(Source: Self-created)


An appropriate development framework and structure have been selected for the development of that website. Effective development tools like CSS and HTML have been implemented for the development process of this web page. These are essential for providing structural stability and a proper display for that website. There would be all the necessary functions for that website with intact security aspects for it. After the development of that website proper run tests and maintenance activities should be provided.



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