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August 27, 2020
Recognising the Deteriorating Patient
August 27, 2020



Consumption of alcohol has been rampant in “London Borough of Tower Hamlet”. However, it has affected the lives and health of specifically middle-aged individuals in that area the most. It has been crystal clear that the youth of the country are becoming more addicted to it and further this continues up to old age. Consumption of alcohol has a grave effect as this caused an adverse impact specifically in health. Furthermore, the study will also illustrate the negative effects of the consumption of alcohol and how it affected the middle age people of that area.

It will also hold a research methodology in which basic methods of research methodology such as research, Gantt chart will be illustrated. Keeping in mind the subject of this proposal, a mixed method of research methodology will be used in this study to gain the maximum outcome from this study. Also, the ethical consideration of this proposal will specifically be discussed with a set of ethical perspectives required for research.


The main aim of this study is to demonstrate the need for awareness for reducing the consumption of alcohol for middle-aged and restrict it for the young’s in “London Borough of Tower Hamlet”. It will also discuss the adverse effects of alcohol consumption in that area.


● To evaluate the adverse impacts of alcohol consumption on middle-aged individuals.

● To determine the cause for such higher alcohol consumption rate in that area.


● To describe the cursive effects of the alcohol consumptions in the personal life of middle-aged individuals.


Brief Literature Review

Alcohol consumption can be act as a treat to a nation. However, this will assist the procedure to restrict the consumption of any perishable goods to be more useful among the young and the middle-aged individuals (Broughton and Everett, 2016). Through some surveys, it can be noticed that at about 54% of people felt that in that area, the more significant issue is to the consumption of various types of drugs. That will affect the personal and the professional life of any individual. Besides, 45% of people have also agreed that the consumption of alcohol would affect the most to maintain a proper and healthy lifestyle. This survey took place in the year of 2014-2015 through the Annual Residents Survey. On the next attempt in November of 2015, there was another survey took place through the General Population Survey, that also provides some view of ordinary people about the cursive effect of perishable goods on the individual’s lifestyle. Almost 67% of people are positive about the concern of misusing alcohol and drugs in recent days and how much those affects the personal life of the individuals. Some of them also strongly agreed about the sexual incapability of middle-aged individuals for the cause of excess consumption of alcohol (Guo, 2018). However, there are 59% others also who thought that the effect of drug and alcohol was not crucial and addressed that as a nominal issue for those days. So it seems to be a different issue that has arrived.

There are some other pieces of literature by which it can be clarified that the issue has a severe impact because of some aspects. Among them, some are very important and relevant also. After analyzing those, it can be stated that for being a dockyard area, this might be an issue for which the govt. Taking some practical steps to control it as much as possible (Dawson, 2017). Below the age of 19 years, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited by the govt. Rules. Not only that, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlet, alcohol consumption is restricted in public places or open spaces. Except this, there are some more critical steps that are taken by the govt. To restrict this type of activity.



Methodology section provides a systematic process to a research by which the overall process develops. The method of the research will be based on the both quantitative and qualitative data collection process. This will help the procedure to be more accurate and valid according to the requirement. Using the mixed method will allow the researcher to get more information on the study.

Participant’s Age

Different ages should choose participants for the questionnaire and interview program because, in respect of their age, the perceptions and views may differ. The age of the participants of the study will be between 35 to 50 years.

Collecting Data through Questionnaire

This is another essential task that should be done as the point of view of local and ordinary people is needed to be jotted down to have the rough perception about the issue. In this research there will be 14 questions and sample size will be 52.

Interview with local health practitioners

This is a need to be done, because of the interviews with the real known persons the concern will be clarified and transparent as well as the required steps or doings can be implicated to resolve the problem. 5 interview processes will be done to the local health practitioners to know about their experience. There will be 7 questions in each interview process. However this will allow the researcher to know about the impacts of alcohol consumption on human body.

Reviewed Past Literature

The procedure for reviewing the past and current literature is a need to be done. Not only will the local but international literature be discussed broadly. This process will help to gain a good knowledge about the past experiences of the researcher.



Gantt chart -Time for the research 

           Fig 1: Gantt chart (Source: Created in Project Libra)

Ethical Consideration

At the time of having the questionnaire and interviews, the ethics should be followed. The data should be unique, and non-being influenced. The most important thing is that it will be done without any plagiarism.

Define ethical consideration and importance in research

The importance of the ethical considerations in research keeps more considerable significance as this reflects the manner in which all the research is conducted. For ethical consideration, the research has used all the resources for the findings of this subject of the research. The research has followed all the norms that are applied for the research work such as plagiarism. As part of the ethical research consideration. No plagiarism has completely been avoided.


Consent Form This is an essential thing to evaluate any topic. It will be given to the applicant which will be withdrawn without any backlash.

Participant form This is a type of form that will help the topic by the process of listening and analyzing the importance of the research and the reasons for which it is essential and signified.

Conclusion  This can be concluded that the consumption of alcohol has a very grave and adverse impact, specifically on the middle age group of people. The proposal has categorically discussed this case study of the London Borough of Tower Hamlet with some of the prominent works of research that have been done on this. The proposal has categorically elaborated the role of the consumption as to how this has been affecting the health of the people, especially in the middle age. The proposal with a broader discussion of the literary works have discussed how Liquor is vulnerable to the middle individuals of London Borough of Tower Hamlet. The proposal has plainly elaborated the methodology of the research that has to be used along with ethical considerations. In addition, this proposal has also presented a Gantt chart that showed the time and table of the work that will have to be done for the research.



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