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July 27, 2020



  • Subject area

Content pitch is one of the essential parts of an organization to show the culture, corporate identity, image and marketing strategy to the target audience. It is easy for the audience to get connected with respective brands after observing their core pitch based on guidance, logo, product details and facilities.

  • Market background

Routes to Work are one of the renowned companies situated in the United Kingdom that provide different facilities to the citizens of different areas in the UK. Routes to work are a company that advertises to provide sustainable job for the citizens of the UK. Routes to work get aligned with North Lanark shire to provide employment for major communities to provide support for the complicated lifestyle of those citizens. Apart from that, this company focuses on various sources that provide job opportunities in the domestic areas.

  • Aims and Objectives of content media strategy

The main aim of the media strategy is to capture the market share and attract potential customers with innovative drives and new products. The objectives of media strategy are- The strategy needs to be measurable and actionable, concentrating on each goal, each objective is interconnected with each other, and the media strategy needs to align with marketing strategy.

Identifying the primary aspects of content

  • Brief description and target audience

The Route to work is a company based in North Lanark shire for those who are unemployed in the city. It provides guidance to young people so that they can find a way to work in the UK. It works to find out the easiest and practical ways to solve the unemployment issue in the UK. It has been found out that Routes to Works is trying hard to manage better chances and a healthy life to people of Lanark shire (, 2020). Lanark shire is poverty-driven to some extent. This company has taken the opportunity to manage and work for those people by involving them in the UK employment cycle. Apart from that, it has been found out that this company is working for those, who consist of the most out part in Lanark shire. All operations of Route to Work can be managed through the way to explore customers in the center. It has been identified that the company is working to manage and provide a good life to people who are going through poverty in the UK (, 2020). It has provided support to the clients to a world-class level, so that they can manage a way to identify suitable strategies in the existing market (Aswani et al. 2018).

It has been found out that the target customers of this company are the people from North Lanark shire, who are suffering from constant struggle to manage a good life for them. It works within the organization to support the system and continuous improvement in the company. They are targeting the audience from people of above 16 years of age (, 2020). It has been seen often that the young generation are not confident enough to apply for jobs or other activities. Routes to Work are working on this matter, as they provide complementary therapies to those having confidence issues. The company provides guidance to prepare CVs so that it can attract employers (, 2020). Routes to Work is coming to the market as they do not believe in providing service in groups, rather they work with individuals to get them with better opportunity in employment.

  • Current Content Utilized

Routes to Work are doing their online advertising through the company website, face book and Twitter. Website contains suitable data for clients to understand the work of this company. In current content, Routes to Work has used red and white color, so that can soothe the eyes while checking out website details. All subsections are made quite clearly, without giving any chance of confusion. It has been seen that the company has used the content cleverly by putting an image of a security plumber in the opening web page. It can touch the sentiments of the clients that no work should be considered less. It has used the picture of its success in the opening page as well to inform clients about their efficiency to work. Jeuring (2016) have stated that the images of young people have been used in the content with clear tagline, which has presented a clear impression of the company in front of clients. The use of young people has been made to show that they support the development of hobbies among the young people all over North Lanark shire. On the other hand, they have talked about their partners and employees in content to make the clients understand about the way to work. Aceves-Martins et al. (2018) have opined that Collaboration with employees can help to manage potential development they are making within the company to become more efficient. The face book page has been made to connect with young people easily by sharing exciting information to them. It can be said the simple design of the content in digital platforms may be a bit slow to attract the younger generation (Zahay et al. 2019).

  • Analyzing the theoretical underpinning

THE MEDIATION OF REALITY is a theory of content, which suggests that content needs to be close to reality. It has been observed that Routes to Work do not show any content, which is unmatched with life. It uses simple and proper design to present to its customers so that customers can relate to the market and content easily. The target markets of this company are mature and middle-aged people that do not demand for any fairytale or colorful content. It is a wise decision to manage and prepare the content as per the target market of the company. Kienzler and Kowalkowski (2017) have opined that content needs to carry a strong message so that it can connect with the emotions of customers, Routes to Work has done this without any flaw, as there is a normal flow of ideas related with emotions in content. Apart from that, brand loyalty is also reflected in the content of the company (Pradhan, Nigam and Ck, 2018). It has been found out that the direct showcase of promoting the brand may not be viable always; it needs to show that the company cares for its customers and can have attention just like that.

                                                                              Figure 1: Underpinning Theories (Source: Influenced by Nilsen, 2020)

As per the Theory of SHIFTING LOYALTIES, it has been found out that a company needs to change the content as the passing time to meet with customer demand and other aspects. It has found out as well that Routes to Work follows this theory while designing the content. They change the pattern of their content to meet with the demand of customers and to have competitive advantage in the market. On the other hand, Nilsen (2020) has stated that some areas are considered classics so it needs to be kept accurate to get the attention of existing customers. It has been noticed that Routes to Work is a decades old company so they need to keep the classic touch in the content while designing. It needs to manage and collaborate with such media management experts, which can reflect the actual content, related to Routes to Work. Apart from that, it can get better marketing for a company, if the content is good. The company can use blogs and vlogs to get in touch with international consumers largely by following the theories.

Critique of the organization’s current strategy

  • Digital presence

According to the Company’s official website of Routes to Work any personnel can gather informative knowledge regarding their purpose and scope to run this company. This company is aligned with major politicians who provide them effective support to take extraordinary initiative to many people employed and get adequate wages. In their official website, they have given information based on innovative action they are taking to increase the prosperity and growth in the local population of the UK. When customers will be going through their official website, they can gather effective information related to vision and values to provide employment. Routes to Work always concentrate on their clients to complete a significant process. Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick (2019) have suggested that they always try to focus on satisfying the needs of their clients to increase the demand of their company. Routes to Work have designed their activities is such a process that they create a positive change within their client’s life. They employees of Routes to Work listen to their clients carefully and try to complete their wishes affectionately. After making changes, it is the responsibility of the company to take accurate feedback so that they increase their market value.

The official page of Routes to Work is shedding lights on people who are mostly excluded from the local communities. The digital presence of this company provides information that they are shedding lights on the most needed consumers surviving in the United Kingdom. Apart from the official page, this company is having a face book page to provide massive information regarding how they execute significant actions to improve the quality of the consumers who are into lack of convenience. The content in the Facebook page is having major information to increase the value and scope of the company. Any user who will be managing facebook is going to appreciate the editor who has mentioned all the facilities, achievements and services they provide to the population of the United Kingdom. Kingsnorth (2019) has stated that there is a learning facility in this company where all the employees are trained to achieve massive outcomes in future. In the facebook page of Routes to Work, they give attractive images of their activities they have executed for the survival of the United Kingdom. There are positive reviews from the customers who are related to this company and they have completed their wishes. New users can gather accurate information regarding market value and they satisfy their customers with active actions (, 2020).

                                                              Figure 2: Digital Presence of Routes to Work  (Source:, 2020)

Apart from facebook, this company has a digital presence in Twitter and Vimeo, which are well known platforms to spread news among the people of the UK. Twitter has given clear and attractive content based on their purpose and achievements. This company has given information that if they want to work and not having effective sources to show their creativity they can take support from them. However, in the Twitter page this company has mentioned they can provide jobs to people who are Lanarkshire residents. Aswani et al. (2018) have mentioned that they will explore the candidates and train them to get suitable with definite jobs. This company also helps people who are working collaborates to handle other activities such as childcare.

  • Content media strategy

Routes to Work are a renowned company in the United Kingdom who has significant strategies to improve the quality of their services. As the focus is to provide an adequate amount of job facilities to needy people in the UK, they have implemented significant strategies based on the media. The content media strategy of Routes to Work is increasing their profit margin through spreading information among the survivors of the UK. Dangelico and Vocalelli (2017) have narrated that the content is having certain controversial information is related to discrimination and racisms, which is common in UK. However, the content media strategy of Routes to Work is spreading a spectrum of emotions (Wieland, Hartmann and Vargo, 2017). They are writing their content within a small proportion with simple language that people can relate easily. The words that contain content are attractive in nature as a result when customers are observing the content they are thinking about it later on.

This emotion of customers on the content of Routes to Work was their target. Another strategy that this company has utilized in their digital presence is hash tags that are common now among the digital world. On facebook, twitter they always use Hash tags so that people can search them quickly with definite manners. Key and Czaplewski (2017) have said that this company has collaborated with marketing companies who are taking care of their media strategy to increase the market value. The company has observed that they have had a constant increase in viewers who are linking their photos and videos. The media strategy helps Routes to Work to show their initiative around the world with effective protocols. The company has written little content in the official page that consists of both loves to hate emotions. Therefore, it can be stated that Routes to Work is intensively focusing on the digital presence that is essential to increase the profit margin and market share. Olson et al. (2018) have mentioned that this company is implementing strategies and modifying them accordingly to increase their position within the United Kingdom. This is the current position of Routes to Work which is helping them to share their information worldwide.

Core areas of proposed content media campaign

  • Linking to target audiences

Linking to target audiences is the primary objective of media campaigning of any project or business. If the target audiences of a particular service or product can relate to the media campaign, they will be attracted to purchase that product or service. In other words, it can be said that linking with target audiences is required to manipulate their buying pattern. Key and Czaplewski (2017) have commented that business organizations develop media content in order to grab attention of a target group of people. Hence, it can be said that the proposed media content needs to take care of the requirements and expectations of target audiences. Here, it needs to be mentioned that Routes to Work offer their services for unemployed residents of North Lanark shire. This company makes sure that the unemployed residents get access to opportunities in education, training & employment. Hence, the target group of Routes to Work involves unemployed residents of North Lanark shire, who are of age 16 and above. As a result, the content pitch of this company needs to be attractive enough to grab the attention of the young population of North Lanark shire. The company needs to analyze when it is effective to post the content in a media campaign so that their targeted audience gets the scope to get connected with their customers (Key and Czaplewski, 2017). The conventional time is important to analyze the promotion and effort is paying off. The company needs to understand the demographic of the readers before writing content to pitch to the audience. This information helps a company to get ideas regarding future scopes to get into the traffic or stimulate traffic against different sources. When the company is not able to observe the traffic, it is their target to optimize the content on the search engine (Strotmannet al. 2017).

It has been mentioned that the current digital presence of this company includes official websites, Facebook, twitter and Vimeo. However, this company is not using a popular social networking site, Instagram. This online platform is used by a majority of business organizations for displaying different products and services with effective content. Olson et al. (2018) have mentioned that business organizations need to follow recent trends in media campaigns in order to ensure attractiveness of content pitch. Routes to Work can hire famous bloggers and vloggers for their business operations to spread news and opportunities among major customers (Shareef et al. 2017). By hiring popular bloggers, Routes to Work can attract a large number of youth simultaneously, as these bloggers tend to have a pre-built fan base in the virtual world.

Another effective strategy for this company can be introducing digital presence in YouTube. This marketing strategy can be beneficial for expanding business in the international market. Youtube is equally popular in different parts of the world and billions of people have access to this online platform. Key and Czaplewski (2017) have mentioned that as this company offers services for unemployed youths, it is more sensible to use online media as the marketing platform. It has been noticed that unemployed youths have plenty of leisure time and they spend it on the internet for entertainment. It will be beneficial for the youths also if they get the chance of being productive through this leisure activity.

  • Capturing attention

There are few loopholes that have been observed in the existing strategy of Routes to Work and it requires different kinds of initiative to be improved. Routes to Work always have the intention to capture the attention of diverse customers that can be executed through productive activities to prevent ignorance from the customer (Shareef et al. 2017). It is fact that the customer brain has massive potentiality to hold different information and it retains for a long period. However, that is only possible when the customer is interested in the following subject. As Routes to Work currently offer their services in limited geographical areas, they require overly prominent branding for expanding the current business location. Olson et al. (2018) have suggested that the company can pursue mobile marketing campaigns that will help them to grab the attention of a mass number of people. The customer is going to have the ability to get each notification easily just after subscribing to their official website. Routes to Work can create their own application in which they will be giving attracting offers to each customer for purchasing their products.

The company needs to create immediate feelings such joy among the targeted customers to grab immediate attention. Marketers have had the ability to understand the importance of emotions since many years. The official website of Routes to Work is appropriate for corporate integration as the site displays a wide range of available services to the customers. However, the websites and content need to be joyful so that when customers are reading them feel happy and mesmerized (, 2020). At present, GIFs is a quick and attractive mode of video that will help Routes to Work to create a clear content, which is an attractive and quick message to get attention of target audiences (Strotmann et al. 2017).

Routes to Work need to focus on giving surprises rather than shocking customers with employment statistics. As the company wants to engage itself within the attention of the customers it needs to surprise them with their production and facilities. 90% of Advertisements are humor that goes viral among the customers (Wieland, Hartmann and Vargo, 2017). The marketers make the customers think rather it is pure or humor. Lastly, the Routes to Work need to analyze which kind of customers has the capability to share that information to others. This kind of chain helps the employment company to share their information faster to gain social capital. Sharing content with customers who forwards them to others will be less effective compared to sharing them with customers who will suggest their brand in front of others.

  • Appealing to content preferences

During the content media campaign, the existing strategy of the company needs to be improved for increasing the market share and increase in profit margin. The customers may have their own preferences that can be satisfied through unique initiatives that will reduce complication. The customers have preferences on the languages, as they are diverse demographic structures. Different languages make the customer confused to understand the content (, 2020). Therefore, Routes to Work needs to have content based on common language that will be easy for them to be connected with business operations. Secondly, customer’s preferences can be appreciated through increase in communication. Customers are intensively involved with the company through social media. It becomes easy for Routes to Work to have many ways to nudge their customers for having major customer satisfaction. The company can understand that they are giving priority to their customer preferences when they can observe them visually.

Routes to Work can execute a business tactic where they will be requesting their customers to give them feedback through messages and emails (, 2020). Phone calls are much more effort compared to that the company can send them an official link where customers can show their satisfaction. The customers get distracted from a company when they need to give major effort for purchasing a product or services. Shareef et al. (2017) has commented that this execution needs to be smooth and easy among the customers. These preferences can be satisfied by lowering down customer effort. Routes to Work needs to modify their business strategy to make it faster, smoother and less effort for the customers. Customer satisfaction can be boosted through emotional expectation and functional experience of the company (, 2020). As Routes to Work has explained that they will transform their data every five years, then they need carefully consider its impact on different departments.

  • Triggering call to action

In content media campaigns, the customers have different types of preferences based on the content proposed by any organization. The content that will be created must be attracted and clear to understand. The images or videos must not have misleading information or fraud offers to get attention from the customers. The preferences are made into action and can be executed through collaboration of resources and implementing them sooner. Each feedback given by the customer needs to impact on the upcoming opportunities so that they get satisfied. Routes to work can manage to find a better way to communicate with their customers. Routes to Work can use referral codes through social media to get further attention from customers. The Younger generation tends to social media largely and the company is working for those people so that they can join work. The referral code and the facility out of that can manage to attract the attention of customers and client base will be increased. The preferences can trigger into action by closing the loop. This can be executed through attaining the needs of the customers and then informing the customer to show itself attentive in nature. Showing overconfidence can act negative for this company. In that case, it is important to pay suitable attention to clients and their feedback. After collecting that, Routes to Work needs to take proper action to implement those feedback in the company website or pitch content. Therefore, it is essential for the company to concentrate on the preference of the target customer and make them into action. They can use instagram added to facebook and twitter to get the attention of the young generation largely. It has been identified that people tend to provide more information througha instagram rather than facebook and twitter. Therefore, this company needs to take action to open insta pages using hashtags and trending updates to get more attention from customers above 16 years. On the other hand, they can work to manage casual conversation with customers so that they can identify the root cause of lack in confidence and their demand for a job role.

  • Conclusion

This assignment is based on a content pitch that has importance in every organization to express the culture and working environment to their potential customers. Routes to Work are an employment service company, which has been focused to analyze the digital marketing strategy to content pitch among the customers. The company is having an existing customer target and media strategy through which it has gained enormous profit every second. However, the existing content media strategy has few loopholes that can be developed through unique initiatives that have been mentioned above. According to content media campaigns, Routes to Work needs to target their customers, make attention and implement strategies to trigger actions. The content pitch of the organization can be developed through setting social media goals and aligning them business objectives. Effective metrics analyzed and utilized within an organization for tracking different targets and increase the real market value. The organization needs to learn everything regarding their customers to create an effective persona. Lastly, the organization needs to research their competition through competitive analysis and increase the expectation of the customer to expand their market share.


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