How to write a dissertation step by step guide for Germany Students?

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September 30, 2020
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How to write a dissertation step by step guide for Germany Students?

step by step guide for Germany students

A dissertation is the lengthiest piece of writing you will ever have to do in your academic life. A dissertation is often based on original research performed by the students. If you’re assigned a dissertation then you’re probably at the end of the education or you’re about to complete your degree. The dissertation is often assigned to prove your intellect for researching. It includes planning, researching, plotting, and writing. It is a long and complex process. There are many problems that students usually face while writing a dissertation but most of them occur due to irrelevant sources, lack of research, and writing skills. They find just a few ideas and think that it is enough, some of them also have less knowledge about the rules of academic writing that creates many hurdles while a dissertation.

Here is a step by step guide for dissertation writing to make it easy and systematic for you:

Step 1: Write a mind-blowing dissertation proposal

Your dissertation proposal should be convincing and interesting. It includes choosing the theme, title, and question you are going to deal with. You can also take help from the lecturer to help you with the title once you decide the theme. Make sure you choose a good, unique, and reasonable theme for your dissertation. Here you can also discuss what issue your research will deal with, why you feel a need to find a solution to the dissertation issue and how will it contribute to the research and academic community. Whatever question you choose should lead you to a thesis statement and prove it by pieces of evidence and arguments. You should follow a clean format while including the title, aim, objectives, etc.

Step 2: Conduct effective research

This is an important step in the overall development of your project. Researching develops a better vision for dissertation writing. Just find reliable resources for effective research. The first thing that will pop up in your mind would be the internet but not everything shown on the internet is true. 

You can keep the following tips in your mind while conducting your research:

  • Mark a deadline: You can do research but on one or the other point you have to stop your research so mark a deadline for your research process. This will also help you with being focused on your phenomenon. This way you would know how much time to spend on the research. Just stay committed to it.
  • Research from the right resources: As I mentioned above, not every time the internet provides relevant information so be wise when you choose data for your research. You can also take help from the librarian to find good publications from the library for your research project.
  • Organize the data: When you research for your project, don’t forget to make notes of the information you want to include. You can also use sticky notes, diagrams, charts, or mobile apps to make notes for quick reading. Also, locate your ideas and arguments that you plan to use in your dissertation.

Step 3: Write an outstanding dissertation

As soon as you start planning to compose the final version of your dissertation, outline to make sure you don’t miss any idea. The dissertation proposal itself is a preliminary outline and will also help in making a detailed draft of the dissertation. This plan will ease the upcoming process. Then comes the most crucial part of the whole dissertation writing process which is crafting the actual project. It is the final result of all your efforts.

The basic outline that will help is as follows:

  1. Introduction– It includes the contextual background of the issue you’re dealing with in the dissertation. You can also expose the way this problem has affected the academic and scientific field and what difference will be seen after solving the problem.
  2. Literature review– In this part, you review the process of the research you have gone through. And also acknowledge the results and elements you came up with, during the project.
  3. Methodology– Here you describe how you located the resources in the project and also discuss the method of implementation of those resources. Don’t forget to mention the research question, hypothesis, data collection, and analysis. 
  4. Your findings– This plays an important part as in this part your intellect is tested and shown. Here you restate the question and answer it specifically. You can also discuss the results here. Let the examiner know how your study makes a difference in the academic world and how you can take it into practice.  At the end of this section, you can also give recommendations for future research that will help in solving the problem further. 
  5. Bibliography– Citing the sources used in your research project helps in giving credit to the original authors of the sources you borrowed ideas or words from. It also helps the reader in locating the sources to learn more about the mentioned ideas.
  6. Follow the timeline– This timeline should be specifically for the writing process. To remember how much time to invest in this stage. Plan to complete your dissertation by using step by step guide for dissertation writing

Step 4: Edit and proofread the Dissertation

Once you’re done with the writing part of the dissertation, take some time and relax. Don’t ever start editing your dissertation as soon as you have finished writing. Take a break and then get back to your desk for editing the dissertation. Editing and proofreading may sound simple but they are very important as it can save you from mistakes you’ve done while writing your dissertation. Make sure you proofread it thoroughly so that there are no chances of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. You can also add up the missed points or can cut the unnecessary elements from it.

Step 5: Take Feedback

Once you’re done with all the above-mentioned steps, do not forget to take feedback. You can ask your friend or colleague to help you with it. It is really important to take feedback to know the reader’s opinion. Ask the reader for their suggestions for improving your project.

This is a step by step guide for Germany Students for writing dissertation. The dissertation is a huge challenge and not every student can cope up with it. But once you’ve come this far in your field, there’s no way going back. You just need to tackle your project step by step to finish it. If you are still struggling with dissertation writing, you can also seek help from a dissertation writing service. This way you allow the professionals to work on your behalf and you receive a custom-crafted dissertation. All you need is a little guidance. We hope you can cope up with your writing-related problems snd get an idea on “how to write a dissertation” after reading our guide. Best of luck!

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