7 essay writing tips for Australian Students

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September 19, 2020
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7 essay writing tips for Australian Students

essay writing tips

An essay is a piece of writing assigned by the lecturer on a particular topic. Essays are a very important part of a student’s academic life. Now and then, students are asked to write essays on various topics either in the form of homework, assignment, or exam.

Sometimes you are said to write essays on general topics and issues such as global warming and the greenhouse effect. But many times, you are asked to write a unique and self-researched essay all by yourself. Most students though take help from library books and the internet often end up copying data rather than putting their ideas. The problem being they often miss their ideas in the hustle of writing or they don’t know what to write. 

There are many styles of writing essays in different regions but in the Australian education system, American and British writing style is considered and followed. The difficulty level marks higher with each upgrading educational qualification. 

So, to cope up with such difficulties and write a swift essay, here are 7 essay writing tips for Australian students to help you construct your piece of writing

1.   Analyze the topic: The very first thing you should do is to understand the topic to know the needs and questions of the essay. Only after understanding the topic completely, you can start writing the essay as misunderstanding can lead to your essay is out of the topic. If you find any doubt regarding the essay writing, feel free to ask your friends or lecturer for the clarification and take essay writing tips.

2.   Construct a checklist: Before writing anything, make a checklist of what is essential and needs to be included in the essay because we often forget the important aspects and end up writing too much about unnecessary things that do not award any marks. So, to stay on track, know what to do. Outline the topic so that you can follow it while writing.

3.   Collect ideas: To make your essay look informative and different, collect ideas from various resources that can be used. You can write ideas on sticky notes, rough notebook, and draw diagrams so that you don’t miss anything. Make sure that your information is relevant and informative to the essay topic.

4.   Follow the writing pattern: To write a well-structured essay, follow the pattern of essay writing. The first paragraph being the introduction where you give a brief idea about the topic. You can also discuss the contextual background of the topic. To give an idea to the examiner that you understand the topic, try to write it in your own words, and don’t be mysterious. In the second paragraph comes the main body of the essay where you specifically answer the topic question. You can also define keywords here.

Here you give your arguments regarding the topic and the pieces of evidence associated with it. You can state an argument, elaborate your idea then give examples and explain your point. This paragraph can have many sub-paragraphs but they follow the same structure. This is the lengthiest part of the essay. The last paragraph should be the conclusion where you conclude all the arguments of the essay. No new idea should be introduced to it.

5.   Recheck your work: After you finish writing, proofread your essay. Proofreading allows you to go back, read the content thoroughly, and make required corrections in the essay. It is an important part. You can edit and add up points if you missed any. No matter if you’re a native English speaker or not, check for spellings and grammatical errors as these silly mistakes can deduct your marks. Always check for errors before submitting your work.

6.   Seek writing help: If your someone who is struggling way too much in writing the essay, seeking writing help is an option for you. There are many writing services out here to provide you help regarding your work. You just need to contact a good writing service and explain to them your work and your job is done! The writing services will do the work for you in the required time. This is one of the simplest and effective ways you can get your work done. Just make sure that your work is in good hands. 

7.   Give references and submit on time: Giving a reference is a way to give credit to the book or anything you’ve borrowed words or ideas from. And after completing this, you just need to submit your essay writing to the examiner because submitting on time can put a good impression on you and that would result in good grades.

These are 7 essay writing tips for Australian Students. Keep them in mind to construct a good essay and score higher marks. I’m sure you’re going to do very well. Best of Luck!

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